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Eleven11 was designed around a  strong theme  ''divide''  and ''unite''                        

Indoor area: A  strong materials like ply and pine veneer has been divided with colour such as lavender on the opposite side. since we have created perfect symmetry  with the furniture layout, we were able to divide the space in exactly two equal half's with its furniture .The concept and theme of this area is predominantly visible in the images as we divided the first half in ply and pine veneer, the second half of the space vertically is divided by colour-lavender being the key colour. why lavender? its because  the shades of purple are difficult to play with and what we love is a good challenge and what better then to have a challenge with  ? further more we divided the colour into shades, shades of purple moving into blue bells, lilac and even silky creamy lavender for one of the walls.

Fabrics-the fabrics were divided into different shades, shades merging with the walls to give it a complete look without doing too much. The strong principal of divide is seen throughout this space including out bar. The bar is divided with handcrafted wooden carved ply and veneer planks. following that same pattern we had tiles on the other side of the bar showing the strong concept build  around this space but still coming together unitedly as we put the two together. The flooring is adorned with the same tiles as we see on the bar to show continuity. Furniture-the furniture in the indoor section is divided by materials too but again united as it comes together. the left side that shows the warm wooden look and has wooden polished tables while the right hand side  have the dewy colours such as lavender pu coated tables. you will observe a strong divide in the tables placed in the centre as they  have both these finishes on them. the colourful side of the space have tables clad with natural Carrara marble to balance that area and not overdo the colours. eleven11 has different kind of seating seen throughout the space, its fun, vibrant and warm. This sounds oxymoronic but because of its concept it has all  of the latter. we have also  added a fun amphitheatre step like seating   with plug points for every seat so that students can work out of a fun cosy little area out of their laptops/tablets. Above the step seating there are beautiful blown glass drop lights hanging above.


Alfresco area:

 the alfresco area has a botanical play with a lot of plants hanging from the ceiling as well as around the area. rich teak wood used for table legs and extremely cosy seating created within this area for people to unwind and relax. there is a partition created to separate the alfresco from the indoor section. even though it looks like we have used two themes within one restaurant, you will see how it gets united with all its eminent divisions.



1. The entire space has been built with the rule of divide and unite spanning of 2000sqft. the space was an entire indoor location which we divided as a 70% indoor area and 30% Alfresco feel.

2. The concept of divide has been set to in the form of diving materials symmetrically to dividing colours, shade contrasts, fabric and so much more its usually evident.

3. The alfresco area has been created within the indoor area in order to make the restaurant experience more appealing to the customers. we used lots of plants, colours (harmonized) with earthy toned furniture to balance the look within in area..

4. there are different types of seating present throughout the space. From arched sofas to high bar chairs to step seating for students as its based around the university area

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