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Esora's Design commenced with scribbling on a paper and remembering to not always play with symmetry while requoting Architect Zaha Hadid in the head ''There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?'' Drawing circles on a sheet and working our way from there allowed us to create a circular layout within a rigid rectangular space which would be ideal for creating a boring symmetrical but a very practical layout however, why be so boring when we as designers can extend our minds into something better where others end theirs. We categorized the space with 5 levels out of which 3 levels were carved in our layout to the right from the entrance as the amphitheatre section, where the server comes to you with a breakfast table in hand with the food being served to the customers. Having switchboards placed for every seat allows working professionals to work from a fun and unique seating space. To the left of the entrance through the arches is a 6 inch step up into the bar section of the restaurant, a more casual section where it holds covers ranging from high bar seats to booth seating. Moving out through the arch out of the bar area is a drop in the ground level of 6 inches which makes it the 5 level which is at level 0. A level and area where every table can be combined to cater to larger groups. Esora is encompassed with beautiful long windows. we added charcoal grey sheers within the space which creates a skiagraphy into the space with all the natural light flowing within the space. Since there is a lot of natural light that thrives within Esora, we added the sheers to also give it a cozy warm ambience. The colour palette of Esora through the walls is a stone grey and a dark charcoaled grey ceiling which helps us to camouflage the conduits and casing done for the wiring of the lights since we worked on a true ceiling. The bar of esora has been worked on with ethereal art in black white and gold along with a brass footrest and brass finish laminate for the counter area. The bar back is a long circular pillar created in the center of the bar for easy access, several wine bottle pigeon holes were created for storing the house and imported wines that the restaurant holds. The bar back is finished with black finish pu and brass finish laminate that harmonizes with the colour palette of the section and space.

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