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Mannrangi ! a word that has no meaning but gives one an idea or a feeling of ecelectism.

we knew we had to play with eclectic features. After all India is an eclectic country in so many ways. we are rich with our fabrics, culture, food and so much more.

we made fabrics one of the key materials used in mannragi. We waned to refrain from using typical moldings and carvings that make the restaurant very ethnic looking. we wanted to show modern India but still keep the traditional root intact. something not very easy to e execute, and hence we decided to use motives that are printed on fabrics, Linen, jute and cotton with polyester becoming our key materials in fabrics, Something India has always been rich in. Another element we wanted to use was color. When we think of india we think of color. hence color became integral part of our design. The brief stated it. but, we didnt want it to pop and stand out. Instead we wanted it to play as a background that is subtle and warm inspite of using contradicting tints such as Prussian blue and Wine Red. Other elements we played with included chandelier and floor lamps. Something not very common but would find it in old india during the era of the 16th and 17th century kinds and queens. we used rich indian teak and oak wood for furniture with added materials like cane and rat tan in order to add a warm feel. A bar which also has chemically treated fabrics laid with additional wood and r a t tan work over it with efficient back lighting completing the look. Different styles of seating floored in order to keep the flow interesting and having a diverse feel to it. From elevated step up sofa seating’s to,a low center table pdr section to a high community table and 2 and 4 seater layout-all that can be joined when huge groups arrive. we added layers in mannrangi to give a sense of depth within this 2100 existing space. the vip section have partitions and a chandelier lamp in front of the partition between e very sofa. This makes the area very captivating and eye catching. We summed the space up with cute nooks and corners that had artifacts and books all about india and from india,all in all making it one cozy place to dine in.

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